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Our goal is to empower caregivers with faith-driven training, to provide services across generations. We instill compassion and spirituality to enrich every interaction, fostering a nurturing bond between caregivers and those they serve.

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Message from our CEO!

Born from a vision to empower nursing students in providing compassionate care to both ends of life’s spectrum – children and older adult parents of working professionals – our journey commenced with a focus on nurturing and bridging generations. Rooted in faith-based principles, our original intent was to instill a sense of purpose and spirituality into the caregiving experience.

Through extensive research, a profound realization emerged – the immediate demand for faith-based services exceeded the supply of caregivers. Nursing students cannot fill this need alone. This revelation became a catalyst for a broader evolution, urging us to expand our vision while holding steadfast to our foundational beliefs. It gave rise to our in-app training platform, allowing caregivers beyond nursing students to join in on our journey.

Today, our purpose is twofold, reaching across the diverse landscapes of childcare and older adult care. We remain committed to infusing every aspect of our training with faith-based values. We strive not only to equip caregivers with technical expertise but to nurture their souls with compassion, empathy, and spiritual fortitude.

Our approach embraces the holistic nature of caregiving, emphasizing that faith serves as a unifying force in delivering exceptional care across generations. We aspire to cultivate a generation of caregivers whose hearts are aligned with our ethos, ensuring that every interaction – whether with a child or an older adult – is imbued with the warmth of faith, providing comfort, solace, and unwavering support.

As our journey unfolds, our unwavering dedication remains unchanged: to weave a tapestry of faith-based care that transcends ages, enriches lives, and embodies the profound essence of compassionate connection.

Thank you for joining SaraaSits on our journey!

Rezwana Rahman
Founder & CEO

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